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FUPRE Post Utme Past Questions And Answer Download for 2021 Exams

You can now download the  2021 up-to-date Federal University of Petroleum Resource Effurun (FUPRE). Post UTME Past Questions and answers on PDF into your phone or computer, you can also print it out and study it intensively. Any candidates who fail FUPRE post UTME in 2021, you declined to do proper research on how to get through. It is no virtue to write JAMB every year, to get an excellent result and still remain at home. You just declined to do the right kind of research, it’s no perseverance. Get the FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers right away and pass the screening exams.

FUPRE Post Utme Past Questions And Answer Download for 2020 Exams

FUPRE Post Utme Past Questions

This is just not a past question but a study guide that will direct your focus on how you will pass the exams without much stress. with our research, we have been able to find out that the main reason why some candidates fail because the last materials that will help them to understand the kind of questions that the will see in the exams hall, some also read without direction. we have good news for you today we have complied in PDF Post UTME past questions from previous exams that will enable you to succeed in this examination that will commence soon. Download this post UTME past questions today n say No to failure.


FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for English

Choose the options opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.

Question 1. Common sense requires that one should be decorous at formal gatherings.

(A) courteous (B) careful (C) impolite (D) incurious

Ans: C

Question 2. The string was taut  

(A) stretched (B) loose (C) firm (D) tight.

Ans: B

Question 3. The diminutive figure bounces over the track with unfathomable lightness.

(A) irresistible (B)predictable (C) invigorating (D) impressive.

Ans: B

Question 4. The teacher announced that the class would be making a fleeting visit to the Zoo.

(A) long (B) routine (C) brief (D) guided

Ans: A

Question 5. We intend to make the reception a diurnal event.

(A) an annual (B) a weekly (C) a nightly (D) a short.

Ans: C

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Mathematics

Question 1. The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression are 21 and 567 respectively find the first term and the common ratio of the progression.

(A) 3, 7 (B) 7, 3 (C) -7, 3 (D) -3, 7

Ans: B

Question 2. Tunse bought a house for =N=1,250,000 and spent =N=350,000.00 to renovate it. He then sold the house for =N=2,000,000.00. What is the percentage gain?

(A) 40% (B) 65% (C) 35% (D) 32%

Ans: D

Question 3. List the integral values of which satisfy the inequality -2 < 7 – 3x≤ 10 

(A) -1, 0, 1, 2 (B) -2, 0, 1 (C) 1, 2, 3 (D) 0, 1,2

Ans: A

Question4. In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak French. How many speak English but not French.

(A) 45 (B) 50 (C) 55 (D) 60

Ans: C

Question 5. The lengths of the sides of a right-angled triangle are ym, (3y – 1)m, and (3y + 1)m, find y.

(A) 12 (B) 9 (C) 8 (D) 4

Ans: A

FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions for Biology

Question 1. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their ___

(A) father (B) mother (C) relative (D) siblings

Ans: A

Question 2. In bony fishes, the swim bladder is used for

(A) adjusting the weight of the fish when swimming at different levels. (B) extracting oxygen from water which enters the mouth of the fish. (C) equalizing fluid pressures between the fish and the surrounding water. (D) absorbing more water when the fish is about to descend to a lower level

Ans: A

Question 3. The theory that new organs or characteristics develop in organisms when there is a need for them was postulated by

(A) Charles Darwin (B) Wallace (C) Lean Lamarck (D) Gregor Mendel

Ans: C

Question 4. Ribosomes are found in all living cells. What is their function?

(A) cellular respiration (B) synthesis of proteins (C) excretion of waste products (D) intracellular transport

Ans: B

Question 5. Which of the following is NOT a function of the nucleus of a cell?

(A) It controls the life processes of the cell (B) And it translates genetic information for the manufacture of proteins (C) It stores and carries hereditary information (D) It is a reservoir of energy for the cell

Ans: D

How to Download FUPRE Post UTME Past Questions & Answer PDF

Please follow the guidelines give below to make payment

Pay the sum of N1,500 to the account below:

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Once we have confirmed your payment, send a text with your depositor’s name and email address to this phone number 08125457266, we will immediately send your Past Questions and Answers to your inbox or your WhatsApp in pdf format.


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