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LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions & Answers PDF

LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers is available in PDF for download. We have the LUTH entrance exams past questions from 2013 to 2019. This Past Questions and Answers is strictly for candidates who are writing the Lagos University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing entrance examination, in this article you will have vital information on how you succeed in the exams. Please don’t be hungry to live this site we have information resource that will give you proper preparation for the exams.

LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers for 2020 Exams

Download LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions & Answers PDF

This PDF past questions and answers are strictly for (LUTH)  School of nursing Entrance exams. If you desire to study at the prestigious school of Nursing located in Lagos University Teaching Hospital here is the opportunity to download this past question today use it as your study guide remember preparation without focus is vanity. therefore you to past these exams you need this past question.

Numerously Applicants have been asking this question ” Does the  LUTH repeat their exam questions? We are here to answer you with a direct answer. YES, the repeat 30% percent of their questions yearly the important question you should be asking should be How can I download this past question into my phone because that is the only way you can study the past question by that you will understand the core area in which questions are been drawn from. You can also test your intellectual ability if you can answer the question for the duration of time given.

Fee LUTH School of Nursing Past Questions

1. Blood cells and plasma are separated by?

a) Centrifugality
b) Distillation
c) Electrophoresis
d) Centrifugation
e) Options B and C

2. Which of the following represents the order in which orbitals should be filled.

a) S P d f
b) S f p d
c) S d p f
d) S p f d
e) f s p d

3. Chlorine is used in water treatment as _________

a. An aerating agent
b. A laxative
c. A germicide
d. A coagulant

4. _________ and _________ are the metallic ions commonly present

a. Al3+ and Ca2+
b. Na+ and Mg2+
c. Ca2+ and Zn2+
d. Ca2+ and Mg2+
e. Cu2+ and Al3+

5. Gases can be generated intermittently in the laboratory without the application of heat
with the aid of a device called

a. Scintillation apparatus
b. Liebig’s condenser
c. Cold-gas gauze
d. Kipp’s apparatus
e. Options C and D

6. I-High melting and boiling points

The II-Good conductor of heat and electricity in the molten or aqueous state

a. I and III only
b. II and III only
c. I and II only
d. I, II and III
e. II only

7. An example of a covalent compound is?

a. NaCl
b. MgS04
c. C2H50H
d. Ca0
e. Cacl2

8. The pH of 0.1 molar HCl is equivalent to?

a. -1.0
b. 2.0
c. +1.0
d. -2.0
e. -0.1

9. What is the molecular mass of NaNo3?

a) 85.0
b) 75.0
c) 65.0
d) 55.0
e) 45.0

10. Which of the following is a property of a transition metal?

a) Easy malleability and ductility
b) Dissolves easily in water
c) Conducts heat and electricity readily
d) Showing of variable oxidation states
e) Perfectly forms covalent compounds

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