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NECO GCE Registration Form 2019 is Out | See How to Register

NECO GCE Registration Form 2019:Would you like to apply for the NECO GCE(Nov / Dec) exam? Here you’ll get to understand everything about the November / December NECO GCE Registration and Examination so I recommend you read this article closely.

NECO GCE Registration Form 2019 is Out | See How to Register
NECO GCE Registration Form 2019 is Out | See How to Register

The National Examination Council (NECO) has announced the initiation of the application form for sales for the 2019 External Candidate Senior School Certificate Examination and is inviting appropriate applicants to register. You can find the cost, topics, registration information and all other stuff you need to register freely here.

External Senior School Certificate Examination is primarily for non-school applicants. Candidates can as well download the NECO GCE exams timetable by clicking here 

NECO GCE – General Information.

  1. The registration fee is not refundable once it has been paid.
  2. (A list of proposed national cybercafes where applicants can register can be found on the NECO website – Internet Service Operators – or on display physically at our national headquarters.)
  3. Before registration, candidates should follow the online scratch card directions closely.
  4. Before registration, candidates should study the Regulations and Syllabus.
  5. Candidates should know that their uploaded image/photo will be stamped on their certificates during the registration process.
  6. Candidates are expected to dress in mufti and arms will not be permitted to enter the exam hall.
  7. There is no permission for multiple entries. Candidates who register more than once will have canceled all of their outcomes.
  8. In the examination hall, smoking, cell phones, and other electronic communication devices are not permitted.
  9. Before registering, candidates who harm or lose their scratch cards will have to buy another card.
  10. Please note that once an examination begins, no applicant will be permitted into an examination room.

How to Apply for NECO GCE Form.

The External Registration Fee for NECO SSCE is only: Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Naira (N9,850).

Stamp Duty: N50.00.

All payments should be made to the SSCE (E) portal of the NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA). Math and physics candidates are needed to buy Four Figure Table.

  • Creating an account: creating an account by visiting https:/sceexternal.neco.gov.ng/ and clicking the Here Link Register.
  • Activate your account: you will receive an activation email. Follow the email directions for activating your account. The email may end up in your spam folder sometimes.
  • Login: Visit ssceexternal.neco.gov.ng To login, use your email and password registered.
  • Make Payment: Once you have logged in, you can make an external review payment for SSCE. Your payment will be effective and/or four-figure table token(s) will be given.
  • Locate a Registration Point: You must visit any of the authorized registration points for cybercafes providers to register. To assist you to find one visit, visit https:/operator.neco.gov.ng/.
  • Register Offline: Register by offering photos, fingerprints, and topics for which you wish to sit.
  • Print Your Photo Card: Provide your token to upload your information, you will receive a photo card with your account number and details once the scheme verifies your token.

NOTE: An applicant must be registered and either have an online account or have it generated for him/her by a cyber café Log in to the created account and buy registration token(s) (scratch cards are no longer used for SSCE External registration) in order to upload candidate information to the NECO portal online and receive examination numbers.

SSCE External Registration Token

Now, before a candidate can register for the SSCE External Exam, they need to buy a token of registration, a candidate can buy his / her token of registration from their accounts or go to the closest registration point.

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