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UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers Download Updated Copy

The University of Ilorin, UNILORIN post UTME past questions and answers:  All applicants who are making plans for a UTME screening exercise at Ilorin University (UNILORIN) can now access the institution’s past questions and answers from here. You can also download UNIBEN Post Utme Past Questions And Answers  PDF

UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers Download Updated Copy

What is the Nature of Unilorin Post Utme?

The first important thing to note about the post-UTME screening exams carried out by UNILORIN so far is that it is typically a computer-based examination (CBT). The questions, although we know, are usually about 50 in number and will last for only 25 minutes to 30 minutes. The questions can be divided into four parts or topics which are English Language, Mathematics, General Questions, and Current Affairs. Notice, however, that the subjects in the exam can not be separated. Generally, UNILORIN does not have a particular ratio used to provide the questions in those parts. Therefore, you will see more general questions from logical reasoning, analogies, geography, biology, etc.

UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers

The UNILORIN Post UTME past questions and answers PDF contains all the school faculties’ post-UTME past questions and answers arranged according to their courses/subjects. This UNILORIN post-UTME past questions and answers PDF covers a good number of years including the recently held post-UTME exams. You will be happy to get this and start getting prepared for your forthcoming examination right away. You sure need to pass this examination, and you will. Believe!

Free UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

1. A laborer is paid N5, 400:00k per month. What is his total salary of 1 3/4years?

a. 113,40:00
b• 64,800:00
c• N97,200:00
d• N129,600:00


2. Which of the following will sink when placed on water?

a. Ball
b• Plastic Cup
c• Balloon
d• Eraser

3. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price? •

a. N1.00k, = N5.00k
b. 60k, ii = N4.40k
c. 80k, ii = N4.80k
d. 50k, ii = N4.50k

4. An example of a confluence town in Nigeria is……………………………..

a• Onitsha
b• Obudu
c• Lokoja
d• Port Harcourt

5. A trained person that specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth is called…………….

a• Cardiologist
b• Dermatologist
c• Physician
d• Dentist

6. A bricklayer is Paid N1000:00k for 5days work. What is his pay for 22days work?

a • N22,000:00k
b• N50,000:00k
c• N4,400:00k
d• N5,000:00k

7. In a parliamentary system of government, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the house to their…………………………

a• Local government chairman and governors
b• Constituencies
c• Political parties and party stalwarts
d• Traditional rulers


8. One essential duty of a citizen to his/her state is to………………………

a• Vote and support the government in power
b• Recite the national anthem and the pledge
c• Pay his tax
d• Encourage other citizens to be loyal

9. Under whose regime were Delta and Adamawa States created?

(a)Gen Sanni Abacha
(b)Gen Yakubu Gowon
(c)Gen Murtala Muhammed
(d)Gen Ibrahim Babangida

10. The body charged with the responsibility of regulating and protecting consumers against illicit foods and drugs in Nigeria.

a. Consumer protection council
b. Standard Organization of Nigeria
c. National Drug Law Enforcement agency
d. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control

How to Get the  Nigerian Police Past Questions Answers PDF

These past questions and answers cost for N1,500 only we will send it directly to your email. following the guidelines below to make your payment.

To download the UNILORIN post UTME Past Questions and Answer, follow the steps below:

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Please pay the above sum to the information below to get your UNILORIN post UTME Past Questions and Answer sent straight to you by mail or other alternative means as you choose (alternative means might include: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).


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