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State Security Service SSS Recruitment Form 2021 Is Out Apply Now

State Security Service SSS Recruitment Application Form Portal 2021: you can now apply for the SSS recruitment through their application portal www.dss.gov.ngThis article is written for all candidates who wish to join the State security Service all the requirement and how you can apply for the recruitment have been outlined on this page. to have this information you must read till the end of this article.

State security Service SSS Recruitment Form 2019 www.dss.gov.ng
State security Service SSS Recruitment Form 2021 www.dss.gov.ng

Before we move further we love to share with you information about the State Security Service SSS their responsibility in society so that you understand the kind of job you are applying for. it will also help you prepare for the job as well

About the State Security Service SSS

Nigeria’s main national intelligence agency is the State Security Service, self-styled as the Department of State Services. It is mainly accountable for collecting intelligence within the nation and protecting senior officials of government, especially the president and governors of the state. The SSS  task is to protect and defend Nigeria’s Federal Republic from national threats, maintain and implement Nigeria’s criminal legislation, and provide management and criminal justice services to federal and state law enforcement bodies.

I believe you have learned something from the last paragraph now you understand the responsibility of the state security service plays in society. Now let show you the requirement for the sss recruitment

Requirements for SSS Recruitment 2021

To apply for the State Security Service Recruitment you have the following document before filling the application online this will enable you to succeed in the  SSS recruitment

  1. All applicants must be inherent citizens of Nigeria by birth.
  2. Male applicants should be at least 1.7m tall <not for all positions>
  3. Female applicants should be at least 1.64m tall <not for all positions>;
  4. candidates chest measurement of the candidate must be at least 0.87 meters
  5. The applicants should be cleared by a Government Medical Officer to be free of any life-threatening illnesses;
  6. The applicants must be mentally fit must possess a clean medical record>
  7. The applicants should be physically fit for service;

Available Positions/ Vacant positions for application in this year’s SSS recruitment are listed below:

Experts in the following fields are required for application.

  • Statistician;
  • Software Developer;
  • Computer Engineer/Computer science education/Network engineer/Data Administrator;
  • Electrical/Building/Mechanical/Satellite Communication engineer;
  • Criminologist.
  • Orthopedic surgeon;
  • Optometrist;
  • Mathematics education;
  • Lawyer;
  • Hospitality Managers;
  • English education;
  • Sociologist;
  • Satellite images interpreter;
  • Radiologists;
  • Psychologist;
  • Pediatrician/Pediatrician nurse;

Don’t fail to Download State Security Service Recruitment Pat Questions And Answers PDF from Us 

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How to Apply for State Security Service SSS Recruitment 2021

IMPORTANT! Currently, State Security Service Recruitment 2019 is not yet online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out.

Usually, the SSS recruitment application process is not performed online. If you have the demands and are willing to begin your request, please visit their portal www.dss.gov.ng for more data and also bring the data below.

If you would like to be updated on the 2021 State Security Service Recruitment, please drop your email address in the comment section below and we will keep you updated.


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