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Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Ranks ,Courses & Salary Structures

Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Ranks, Courses & Salary Structures: Are you online seeking for salary structures for the NDA? or do u desire to know salaries for all the officers in NDA? if yes is your answer did you are in the right place below in this article we will show you a list of officers and their different salary.

Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Ranks ,Courses & Salary Structures
Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Ranks, Courses & Salary Structures

About Nigerian Defence Academy

The Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA)Kaduna, is the first of two Nigerian military universities. The Nigerian Army University, which was established in Biu in 2018, is the other military university, but it does not offer military training.

The NDA provides the necessary expertise, skills, and values for each official cadet to fulfill a military officer’s requirements through military, educational, and personal development. The NDA is currently known as one of West Africa’s best military academies and the African continent. This certainly explains why this college’s competition for a place is quite high because only the best ones are recruited.

The average length of the training at the Nigerian Defense Academy is 5 years for military cadets for the army (4 years of academic + 1 year of military service) and 4 years for naval and air force cadets after which they continue with their respective services to the Nigerian Navy College, Onne, Port-Harcourt and 301 Flying Training School (301FTS), Kaduna, respectively.

Nigerian Defence Academy Ranks and Salary Structure 

After graduation, many people are interested in NDA ranks and wages. Here we have the academy’s list of grades and salaries. It is understood that many of the institution’s graduates begin their military career at the academy as it provides several workplaces for graduates. During the last year at the college, students will earn their first paycheck at the institution.

For a monthly basis, salaries are reported and their total in one year.

  • Private: N49, 000 (N588, 000 per year)
  • Lance Corporal: N55, 000 (N660, 000 per year)
  • Corporal: N58, 000 (N696, 000 per year)
  • Sergeant: N63, 000 (N756, 000 per year)
  • Staff Sergeant: N68, 000 (N816, 000 per year)
  • Warrant Officer: N80, 000 (N960, 000 per year)
  • Master Warrant Officer: N90, 000 (N1, 080, 000 per year)
  • Second Lieutenant: N120, 000 (N1, 440, 000 per year)
  • Lieutenant: N180, 000 (N2, 160, 000 per year)
  • Captain: N220, 000 (N2, 640, 000 per year)
  • Major: N300, 000 (N3, 600, 000 per year)
  • Lieutenant Colonel: N350, 000 (N4, 200, 000 per year)
  • Colonel: N550, 000 (N6, 600, 000 per year)
  • Brigadier General: N750, 000 (N9, 000, 000 per year)
  • Major General: N950, 000 (N11, 400, 000 per year)
  • Lieutenant General: N1, 000, 000 (N12, 000, 000 per year)
  • General: N1, 500, 000 (N18, 000, 000 per year)

Nigerian Defence Academy NDA Courses

The official list of courses and divisions available throughout the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) has been compiled.
So basically, we made it very easy for you to see the combination of subjects and study requirements you need in any of the courses specified in NDA

Courses / Departments in NDA

  • Accounting
  • Biological Science(s)
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Political Science and Defence Studies


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