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Lagos State SUBEB Past Questions And Answers PDF

Today we will show you how you can download Lagos State Subeb Teacher Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF. if you are among the successful candidates that will writing the screening exams which scheduled to hold  on Monday 27 January 2020 i will urge you to download this past question and study it effectively read below to have full details on how you can succeed in the subeb screening exams 2020.

Lagos State SUBEB Teachers Past Questions & Answers | Download PDF
Lagos State SUBEB Teachers Past Questions & Answers | Download PDF

Download Lagos State Subeb Past Questions And Answers PDF

Do you have desire for a teaching job? if yes here is an opportunity for you to can turn your imagination to reality with the help of this past question you will understand the type of question you will see in the day of your exams also you how to answer the question correctly. This past Question contains English, Language, General Mathematics and Current Affairs. below we will show you some samples of the Lagos State Subeb Teacher Recruitment Past Question. you can use the samples questions to test your ability before going to the exams hall .

. 1.Curriculum design differs primarily in

a. Teaching and learning involve
b. Principles of teaching and learning
c. Method, content and structured. Methodology and application
e. Scope and sequence.

2. Broad – field curriculum design is usually criticized because of

a. It is difficult to organize
b. Of its cumbersome nature
c. It does not include field trips
d. It does not take care of the student’s interests.
e. Subject demarcations still exist.

3. The activity curriculum does not require

a.  lot of instructional materials.
b. Co-curricula activities
c. Game and sports
d. Planned activities
e. Infrastructure and equipment

4. Tyler’s curriculum planning process has

a. 6steps
b. 5steps
c. 4steps
d. 3 steps
e. 2 steps

5. The common features of most curriculum models are

a. Learning experiences and content
b. Objectives and learning experiences.
c. Objectives and evaluation
d. Organization of content and learning experience
e. Content and evaluation

6. The new UBE curriculum emphasizes

a. Society-centered learning.
b. Teacher-centered learning
c. Child-centered learning
d. Parent-centered learning
e. Government-centred.

7. Which of the following is not a method of teaching?

a. Discussion method
b. Project method
c. Interactive method
d. Powerpoint presentation
e. Distraction method

8. Agencies of curriculum planning and innovation in Nigeria include

c. NUCandlCPC
d. NCCE and NBTE

9. The importance of a lesson plan is that it

a. Guides the teacher in the delivery of lesson
b. Evaluated the learners in the classroom
c. Guides the school in implementing its programs
d. Guides the teacher in planning

10. Which of the following was not provided for in the Nigerian Education ordinance of 1887?

a. Board of Education
b. Grants-in-aid to schools
c. Parents’ right to choose a religion of instruction
d. Certification of teacher
e. Power of Governor to establish and maintain schools.

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