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Download FRSC Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers PDF

FRSC Aptitude Test Past Questions: You can now download Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF online on this page we will show you How to download the FRSC past question and answers without much stress if you applied for the FRSC recruitment and you have been searching for where you can download the past questions search No more Guideempire is the right place to download it. Click here to download your past questions and answers.

FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers Download PDF Now

FRSC Past Questions: Before we show the procedures that you must follow to download the FRSC past question and answer the are certain things we want to enlighten you about. this is the main reason why you need the past questions in case you haven’t applied for the recruitment click the link to apply Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Recruitment

this is the reason why you need the  FRSC past questions and answers. we are giving you the past question in a portal document format PDF this will allow you to carry the past questions to anywhere at your own convenience

After checking the shortlisted candidates for Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC recruitment the next thing that should come to your mind should be how you will succeed in the screening exercise. The FRSC past questions is the number one tool that will enable you to succeed because the FRSC repeats their past questions on a yearly basis.

The Past question will give you the following  

• It provides you a concentrated insight into what to expect from the real exam.
• Usually, 80% of the issues contained therein are repeated either immediately or rephrased by such colleges.
• If you see them in the exam room, you can readily remember the responses to questions and save time for other tougher issues.
• Gives trust to the real thing before you enter the hall.

let show you features and samples of the past questions to prove our trust in Our services you can also try to answer the questions by yourself

FEATURES OF Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions

  • i. English language
  • ii. Mathematics
  • iii. Current Affair


1. The teacher accused me of ____ because my essay was so similar to that of another student.

B. plagiarism
C. copyright
D. confusion
E. decorum

2. We live in a ____ age; everyone thinks that maximizing pleasure is the point of life.

A. ubiquitous
B. propitious
C. sporadic
D. corrupt
E. hedonistic

3. As were many colonial administrators, Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language, though his accent was ____ 

A. deficient – poor
B. competent – adequate
C. faultless – awful
D. well-versed – effective
E. erratic – eccentric

4.  Agenda: meeting

(a) Programme: function
(b) Performance: ticket
(c) Map: scale
(d) Footnote: article

5. What is the next-highest prime number after 67?

A.    68
B.    69
C.    71
D.    73
E.    76

6. How many 3-inch segments can a 4.5-yard line be divided into?

A.    15
B.    45
C.    54
D.    64
E.    84

7. A teacher has 3 hours to grade all the papers submitted by the 35 students in her class. She gets through the first 5 papers in 30 minutes. How much faster does she have to work to grade the remaining papers in the allotted time?

A.    10%
B.    15%
C.    20%
D.    25%
E.    30%

8. Class V driving license is for

A. agricultural machinery and tractors
B. earth moving vehicles
C. government convoy
D. physically challenged persons

9. The minimum age for driving is….while the terminal age for driving is…..

A. 16 and 72
B. 18 and 70
C. 15 and 75
D. 20 and 80

10. Which of the following planets rotates clockwise? 

A. Pluto
B. Jupiter
C. Venus
D. Mercury

How to Download Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF

The following are the guidelines that you need to follow to download the FRSC past questions without stress This question and answers ‘ complete cost is N 2,000. To obtain this previous questions booklet, follow the following processes:

To download the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions and Answer, follow the steps below:

COST: 2,000 NGN

Payment Details:


Account Number: 2048501073

Zenith Bank PLC

____________________Mobile Transfers fully Accepted_____________________

Please pay the above sum to the information below to get your Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions and Answer sent straight to you by mail or other alternative means as you choose (alternative means might include: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).

What to do after payment:

After paying the stipulated amount successfully to the account hereby provided,

Follow the steps below and send Your details to 08125457266;

Send the following:

  • Depositors Name, Name of the Name or Account Name used for payment/transfer

  • Email address (Please ensure that you can access the email you send to us.)

  • Past question paid for< Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC Recruitment Past Questions and Answer Pdf>

For inquiries before and after payment, you can call our agent on 08125457266 or send us an e-mail at imohnkereuwem@gmail.com or send us a notification on WhatsApp with our number (08125457266)

N/B: You will receive past questions in your email address or via Whatsapp immediately after your payment has been received (depending on the platform you want)


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