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Amachara School Of Nursing Past Questions and Answers | Up to Date

School of Nursing, Amachara Past Questions: Are you an aspiring nominee for the Amachara School of Nursing? Do you wish to take part in the upcoming entrance exam? if yes then you are in the right place and at the right time,  we’ve provided for past questions and answers, not only that, weve also provided guideline that will enable the candidates past their exams.

Amachara School Of Nursing Past Questions

School Of Nursing, Amachara Past Questions &Answers

Past questions and answers from the School of Nursing, Amachara is a book that gives you insight and prepared you on what to expect during the Nursing School, Amachara entrance exams. It exposes you to nursing school, Amachara type of questions, and gives you tips and answers to their questions. It is a PDF document (ebook), compatible with all devices (including computers and mobile phones) and also printable.

Free Amachara School Of Nursing Past Question

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of the following sentences.

1 When the little girl hurt herself she —— her mother for sympathy.

  • (a) looked up
  • (b) forced
  • (c) appealed for
  • (d) turned to

2 The ————— applauded the lecturer.

  • (a) crowd
  • (b) congregation
  • (c) spectator
  • (d) audience

3 The new Eko Bridge in Lagos should help to greatly ease the terrible traffic———–

  • (a) compression
  • (b) conversions
  • (c) congestion
  • (d) convergence

4 Able and ————-, he eventually reaped his reward.

  • (a) awkward
  • (b) industrial
  • (c) officious
  • (d) industrious

5 The lecturer felt that it would be—————– to let women compete for posts normally filled by men.

  • (a) inadequate
  • (b) impolite
  • (c)inferior
  • (d) inappropriate

D From the list of words or group of words lettered A to D below

each of the following sentences, choose the word or group of words which is nearest in meaning to the underlined expression as it is used in the sentences.

6 The discussion became animated.

  • (a) robust
  • (b) unruly
  • (c) intellectual
  • (d) lively

7 John did four years in the University without obtaining his degree, and his scholarship had to be withdrawn

  • (a) recovered
  • (b) postponed
  • (c) canceled
  • (d) re-allocated C

8 The driver failed to obey the speed-limit regulations in the college compound and was summarily dismissed.

  • (a) answer
  • (b) understand
  • (c) notice
  • (d) observe D

9 The rebels were forced to surrender.

  • (a) give off
  • (b) give out
  • (c) give in
  • (d) give way C

10 Prospective students for admission must be eligible.

  • (a) clever
  • (b) fluent
  • (c) smart
  • (d) qualified

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