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Download AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers Updated PDF

Download AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers PDF: Did you apply AGIP and you are afraid of the exams if you will be able to succeed? if yes is your answer congregations you are at the place. in this article, you will have accurate information about you can download AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers into your phone and computer without stress.

Download AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers Updated PDF
Download AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers Updated PDF

Agip Scholarship Past Questions Research Pack, conducted by dragnet, will introduce you to questions that arose in the past. It also provides expert advice to help you do your best and gain the required advantage over other candidates.

The scheme for postgraduate studies in Agip is divided into categories: 1. Overseas–Studying at a reputable university abroad 2. Local–For research at a recognized university in Nigeria. This book is a collection of past questions and their answers as frequently asked in the Oversea and Local Scholarship Agip Postgraduate Scholarship Aptitude Test.

Below are the main areas that AGIP extract their questions to ask their applicants 

  • Numerical Reasoning:
  • Computation
  • Data Interpretation
  • Reasoning
  • Estimation
  • * Verbal reasoning Reasoning:
  • * Engineering Section/Discipline-Based

SAMPLE QUESTIONS AGIP Scholarship Past Questions 

 If (92)2 is added to the square of a number, the answer so obtained is 10768. What is the number?

  • (a) 46
  • (b) 2304
  • (c) 48
  • (d) 2116
  • (e) None of these

2. If the fractions 1/5,2/7,3/5,5/6 and 11/13 are arranged in descending order of their values, which one will be the fourth?

  • (a)11/13
  • (b) 2/7
  • (c) 5/6
  • (d) 1/5
  • (e) None of these

3. In 2001, a company marketed 730,000 units of its product. In 2001 its yearly volume was 50% of its volume for 2004. The 2004 volume represents how many units for each of the 365 days of 2004?

  • A. 5,000 units
  • B. 4,000 units
  • C. 2,000 units
  • D. 1,100 units
  • E. 1,000 units

4. There are three central organizational functions of every product development project: marketing, design, and manufacturing. The marketing function consists of the interactions between the organization and the customers, which includes setting target prices and overseeing the launch and promotion of a new product. The design function determines the physical form of the product. This includes the engineering design, such as mechanical and electrical issues, as well as the industrial design, which includes aesthetics and user interfaces. The manufacturing function is responsible for designing and operating the system for producing the product. This function includes purchasing, distribution, and installation.

From the information given above, it can be validly concluded that:

  • A. An organizational function determines the physical form of a product if and only if it addresses mechanical and electrical issues.
  • B. There are product development projects in which the physical form of the product need not be determined before target prices are set.
  • C. Whenever an organization is determining the physical form of a developing product, it is performing a design function.
  • D. There are at least some product development projects in which the marketing function does not set target prices or launch and promote the product.

5. Domain structure is exhibited by

  • A. ferromagnets
  • B. paramagnets
  • C. dragnets
  • D. both dia and paramagnets

6. A surveyor’s mark cut on a stone or rock or any reference point to indicate a level in a levelling survey is called

  • A. reduced level
  • B. change point
  • C. leveling mark
  • D. benchmark

7. To achieve a definite zero point on the Kelvin scale, we have to violate

  • a. first law of thermodynamics
  • b. the second law of thermodynamics
  • c. both first law and the second law of thermodynamics
  • d. no law has to be violated

8. Under isobaric conditions, Gibb’s phase rule takes the form

  • A. F = C – P + 2
  • B. F = C – P + 1
  • C. F = C – P + 3
  • D. F = C – P

9.  In inhospitable terrain the best Geophysical prospecting method is:

  • a)    Gravity method
  • b)    Magnetic method
  • c)    Remote Sensing
  • d)    Seismic Refraction Survey

10. Which of the following is essential for Hydrocarbon accumulation:

  • a)    Source rock
  • b)    Caprock
  • c)    Reservoir rock
  • d)    All of the above

How to Download AGIP Scholarship Test  Past Questions and Answers

The test questions can be downloaded, and you can have them in pdf format on your computer, making it easy to download the AGIPscholarship Test Past Questions.

AGIP Scholarship Past Question & Answers PDF: These past questions and answers cost for N2,000 only we will send it directly to your email. Following the guidelines below to make your payment.

To download the AGIP Test Past Questions and Answer, follow the steps below:

COST: 2,000 NGN

Payment Details:


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Zenith Bank PLC

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Please pay the above sum to the information below to get your AGIP Test  Past Questions and Answer sent straight to you by mail or other alternative means as you choose (alternative means might include: WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.).

What to do after payment:

AGIP Test  Past Questions & Answer

After paying the stipulated amount successfully to the account hereby provided,

Follow the steps below and send Your details to 08125457266;

Send the following:

  • Depositors Name, Name of the Name or Account Name used for payment/transfer
  • Email address (Please ensure that you can access the email you send to us.)
  • Past question paid for< AGIP Scholarship Test Past Questions and Answer Pdf>

For inquiries before and after payment, you can call our agent on 08125457266 or send us an e-mail at imohnkereuwem@gmail.com or send us a notification on WhatsApp with our number (08125457266)


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